Audit and Assurance

Basso Newman understand that it’s hard to ‘see’ your business when you’re in it. That’s why we see audits, not as a necessary evil or an overhead, but as a great opportunity to uncover problem areas in your business as well as provide accurate financial statements to stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, banks, members and committees.

Our team is experienced in providing fresh perspectives, constructive tips and tailored advice that clears bottlenecks. We first understand you and your business as well as the risks involved and focus on what matters most to the business. Using current software platforms, we construct detailed analytical reviews of your accounts. No guessing or assumptions only facts that form an objective view.

These insights go beyond cash flow or profit and loss – into the semantics of your business. A deep exploration into how you perceive your operations is critical to our process, and helps you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and accounting standards.

After a complete Basso Newman audit your accounts
will be in order with operational costs as low as possible
giving you a new level of business confidence.

Audit and Assurance services include:

  • Audits for Boards and Audit Committees
  • Financial Statement Audit – Privately owned companies,
    Public companies and International audits
  • IFRS Reporting and resources

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