Working from Home Expenses

Revised Fixed Rate Method for your 2023 Tax Return

Substantiation Required from 1 March 2023


  • The rate to claim in your 2023 tax return has increased from 52 cents/hour to 67 cents/hour.


  • No additional deduction for internet, phone, energy expenses, printing and stationery.


  • Can now also claim deduction for purchase and repairs/maintenance of technology as well as office furniture. Any purchases of $300 and over will be depreciated. A 4 week log of use of these items must be kept.


  • Must substantiate when you work from home from the 1 March 2023. An example of substantiation would be a log book, diary records, calendar. Your records must include any breaks you take.


  • For the period of 1 July 2022 to 28 February 2023, you must have a representative record of your total number of hours worked. An example of this would be a letter from your employer or agreement confirming your working from home arrangement.



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