Adelaide Fringe 2023

Helping to support local talent for the Adelaide Fringe 2023!

Its a Tough Life…

“This Part stand-up, part singing and part riotous game show is constantly in high gear. Laugh. Stomp your feet. Shout out. Win prizes. Sure, it answers life’s tough questions, but in a way you’d never expect. Who would have thought being in showbiz is a tough life? Or that being single is a tough life? But how tough is it? You’ve never had so much fun watching, learning and engaging in a show. Yep, you make the show! Great for groups, or show off on your first date. What could go wrong? It’s not like your deepest secrets are going to be revealed, right? A new and uplifting take on how we can all make our lives better by laughing and realising things about ourselves we probably already knew.  Non-stop energy. Matthew Adams is ★★★★★!”

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Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)

“THE STORY: Thom Pain’s just like you, except worse. He is trying to save his life, to save your life—in that order. In his quest for salvation, he’ll stop at nothing, be distracted by nothing, except maybe a piece of lint, or the woman in the second row. He doesn’t feel pain like you do, in fact doesn’t he revel in seeing you and others suffer? He describes, from his distorted world view, how his life was shaped, how he became a man, through the loss of his dog, an attack from a beehive and the woman he loved, and later lost. With intruiging detours into the meaning of life, various jokes he knows and contemplation of the beauty of the audience. This one-act, one-actor play has a unique script. Enthralling, intense & gripping. Never a dull moment. Matthew Adams is ★★★★★!”

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